Caligula proves that hip-hop’s disappearing regionalism isn’t a gimmick; it’s historic and necessary. State lines fade as New York’s cultural style infiltrates the West Coast and Southern beats infuse the Midwest. Rap music is undergoing a much-needed transformation through the genius of artists such as Cali, who double as hip-hop music mavericks and agents of change.

Growing up in San Diego, California gave Cali Stylz exposure to the emerging West Coast G-Funk music culture that was heavy with whistles, synthesized instruments and gangsta rap lyrics. However, living in a home full of varied tastes and influences, he was quickly swayed by the busy bass lines and gritty rhymes he heard in the albums his step-brother would bring from New York City; the classic R&B that serenaded his parents; and the variety of pop-laden beats blasted by his three sisters. It wasn’t until the age of eight when the military brat moved to Chesapeake, Virginia where his U.S. Navy step-father was stationed, that hefinally realized his childhood, full of differing regional music styles, made his outlook on the craft not only unique, but it created his unrivaled delivery and ability to permeate every component of composing music with his signature style.

Deciding to earnestly pursue his career in music, Cali started penning rhymes at a young age, cultivating his skills and drawing from the diverse lessons he retained over the years. Eventually, he established himself as an artist in Virginia, adopting the name Caligula Stylz (shortened to Cali), an ode to his ability to be inclusive of all musical genres and styles. From the recording process, to laying ad-libs over a track, Cali ensured that each element of his work was infused with his bravado; a mix of conscious rhymes, exceptional knowledge of music composition and an infectious persona that compliments his individuality.

Always up for a challenge, Cali experimented by dissecting each region of rap, each genre of music, and adding in a heavy dose of his personality. Tackling battle, hard-core, party, dirty south, dub step and commercial rap in his career has given him a well-rounded musical portfolio that defies any musical counterpart in the field.

“I feel as an artist you’re not really expressing yourself if you have these talents and you let them slip away because of opinions jealousy or lack of confidence. I care for none of those, so my musical style will always be different. My slogan is ‘Stay Active Always’ because that’s what you have to do in order to do things others can’t.”

Since 2003, Cali Stylz has released 14 online albums and numerous hit singles produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Nate “Danja” Hills (of New Age Rock Stars N.A.R.S Records) and various producers worldwide. He  recently released  his debut single, “Fighter Jet,” which ft Wiz Khalifa and prod by Danja! You can now purchase the song on iTunes.