1. NinjaSide (Ninja-Side): A good friend that has your back through anything, Somebody your super cool with

Example: Man Walter keeps it one hunid that's my ninjaside

2. Jimmy Jank ( jimmy Jay-Ank): An object, or thing

Example: Yea man im bout to go get a burger matter fact ima get two of them jimmy janks.

3. FEA (Fee-yea): short for fuck yea or FREQUENTLY ENTERTAINING AUDIENCES

Example: She asked me did i want her and i said FEA!! i've been wanting you for a while now...

4. HEA (Hee-yea): short for hell yea

Example: Yo u Tryna ball today? HEA!! we can go right now...

5. SHEA (Shee-yea): Short for Shit yea

Example: Yo i heard they got a gun show coming up down town you rollin? SHEA im getting ready whut time we leaving...

6. Smigadelz (Smig-A-Delz): to understand or relate too, to comprehend

Example: You better be here around 6 as promised Smigadelz me!

7. Nizza (Nizz-a): A person you know or dont know , a friend or foe, another word for nigga

Example: Man im tired of nizzaz eating up all the popcorn son?

8. Yitches (Yitch-es): a male or female acting like a brat or a bitch or a total asshole

Example: Ahyy why tito and them was actin like some lil Yitches last night when we left?

9. BlairN (Blair-ing): a popular dance created by cali stylz

Example: Man i was Blairn last night at the keg party my nizz and all the yitches said i was blair FEA!!

10. Blair (Blair): to be cool, to be a superstar

Example: Im so Blair with this fresh outfitt on FEA!!!

11.Fa Shizz(fa- shi-zz): ok,or to agree with

Example: "Alright cali im gonna post the mixtape tomorrow is that cool?" "...Yea man fa shizz thats cool lets do it"

12. Flickn Two’s Low And Roll: to form your fingers into a peace sign and flick them low to the ground flicking an extra two or three times, this usually occurs while leaving your friends or while your riding in the car with your arm out the window and you see somebody you know

13. Ca (CAH): Another word for homie,cuz,partner,

Example: Yo Ca we still hittn that party jank tonight?

14. Yoppin (yop-in): To get crunk,to set it off,to be the life of the party

Example:  I got it str8 yoppin last night in the club had bottles poppin every where in that jank.

15. Yackin (Yack-in): another form of sayin whats up or whats happening
Example: Yo whuts yackin my nizz? Yall still goin out tonight  because im tryna get waisted FEA!!!

16. Dopica (doe-pe-ca): something nice,something special,something dope

Example: When we were at the studio last night Cali stylz was spittn that dopica in the booth he's amazing.

17 .Twirln (twirl-ing) 0r TwirlCity : to trip or act other then yourself,to act like an asshole or yitch for no reason

Example: All i know is when we pulled up tamika came out twirln talkn bout she gone punch me in the face.

18. Stickman (stick-man): a male friend or family member that you are super cool with, or a male that you know that does good bizness and you can call on

Example: My Stickman chris said he was good on the zips.

19. Stickgirl (stick-girl): a female friend or family member that you are super coll with, or a female that you know that does good bizness and you can call on

Example: Who yall talkin bout lisa thats my stickgirl why she do that? that dont sound like her.

20. kick the Willie BoBo: a phrase used when you are just chilling or laid back with company

Example: I cant wait for guin to come through we gone have some wine and kick the willie bo bo FEA!!!!

21. RESICKULOUS (Re-sick-U-lus): something beyond normal,something thats fresher or more amazing then your average shit

Example: Yo my nizza did you hear that new cali stylz shit wit danja that jimmy jank is resickulous my nizz!

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